The worship team at Capital Christian is a diverse community of artists committed to using their musical gifts and talents, to create experiences where all people are inspired to worship God. We believe that all who serve with our Worship team are Worship Leaders; whether you are a band, choir or vocal member. 


The Capital Christian worship team exists to support Capital Christian values by developing musicians, technicians, and singers. As a team, “We love God through worship”.


WORSHIP: We are about worshiping God.  All else is secondary.

MODEL: We are about modeling, and leading, our congregation in worship. Our purpose is to worship God; but our job is to model and lead others in worship.

ENCOURAGE: We are about supporting, encouraging, and building up all members of the worship team.  Being on a worship team can be hard, and sometimes stressful, but it should always be a safe place.  We will be there for each other and we will hold each other accountable. We are a worship family!

INVEST: We invest time, energy and money in worship. We will strive to attain the highest degree of skill and excellence by providing feedback and training. Our heart is that we provide everything we can to allow you, and those you lead, into authentic, and excellent, worship.  

UNITY: We aim to be unified team, cohesive in focus, talent, style, and purpose, thus providing the best environment to facilitate worship.

Join the team:

The Capital Christian worship gathers every Thursday night for orientation and practice. Join on Thursday’s, for and introduction to the team, at 6:00 pm in the Family Venue.


There are multiple opportunities for you to join us in ministry. The opportunities include: band (musicians of all types), vocals, media/tech (photography, photo editing, camera operator, videography, video editing, lighting, print and graphic design, live stream, lyrics), sound engineer, administration, and stagehand (changing batteries and support of the teams during and in between services).

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