UN-STOP-PA-BLE   adjective

1. that cannot be stopped or surpassed.

As definitions go.  I like it!  If it were at all socially acceptable I would proudly wear a badge that says “Hi my name is: Unstoppable Sheryl”.  The badge might be a bit of a stretch, but even without a badge I feel as though “Unstoppable Sheryl” is implied.  I mean after all, I am the daughter of the king of all kings.  I live my life in devotion to Jesus, and I am led by the Holy Spirit.  That right there is the trifecta!  It is the recipe for being an UNSTOPPABLE Woman!  Are you God’s daughter; living for Jesus and led by the spirit?  Then you too, are UNSTOPPABLE!  I see you shrugging there, with that “No, not me.” expression on your face, but trust me, you are!  Say it, say “I am an UNSTOPPABLE Woman!”  Every morning when you wake up and you see yourself in the mirror, greet yourself that way “Good morning you UNSTOPPABLE Woman!  You’re looking good!, Well, after you brush your hair you will be.”  But I digress… my point is this, regardless of whether you have made a conscience choice to see yourself that way, you truly are UNSTOPPABLE. Not because of anything you’ve done, but because of who you live for!  HE has made you UNSTOPPABLE and He wants you to bring that ferver into every area of your life.    Not sure how?  That’s okay, because together we are going to learn about how to become the UNSTOPPABLE Women that God has called us to be!  Let’s do this!