Daddies little girl… The culture of our society today is that many women have never had that title.  I, myself, was raised by a single mom until the age of twelve.  So I understand if the image of a little girl dancing on her daddy’s feet has a little bit of a sting to it. But that’s ok and I’ll tell you why; regardless of our relationship with our natural fathers, whether amazing or not so amazing, we have a Father in God who is extraordinary and marvelous beyond any hope or expectation.  It is our relationship with Him that I would like to focus on. 

As a daughter of God, we walk with all of the authority of our Father, we reap many blessings through our relationship with our dad, but sometimes we forget that this relationship also comes with many responsibilities. If, as His daughters, we wear His name, we bear the responsibility of representing Him well and living a life that brings honor to that name. How do we do that?  By aligning ourselves with Him, and we do this by being in constant communication with Him.  “Hey Dad, I’m not sure what you’re doing today, but whatever it is, I want to be right there with you!” We do this by being open to Him when He corrects or redirects us “Okay, Dad, I made a mistake, I see it now and I’m sorry.  Thanks for being patient with me. I’m going to try to not make that mistake again.”

We also accomplish this by getting along with our brothers and sisters.  That means no tattling. Dad doesn’t like it when we tattle on each other, besides He already sees everything, He doesn’t need our help in that regard. And it also means no competition.  There’s no reason to feel like we have to compete with our brothers and sisters for ANYTHING; not for Dads blessings and certainly not for Dads attention.  He has everything we need and believe me when I say there is enough of Dad for all of us to have quality time with Him!  An UNSTOPPABLE Daughter doesn’t bring division, instead she emulates her Dad and tries to bring peace, love and encouragement to the family.  She tries to follow the example of her Father and do things the way He does them.

This is how we, as Christian women, daughters of the most High, do the Father daughter dance; with our feet on His feet, our hands in His hands allowing Him to lead because He knows the steps.