Have you ever wanted to go back in time and talk to your younger self?  I certainly have!  Unfortunately Forever 21 is just a store in the mall. Sadly, we can’t actually go back to the ages of 17, 21, or even 30 to advise the younger version of ourselves.  We don’t have the option to utilize the wisdom that comes from years of experience to steer “them” clear of bad decisions or spur “them” on to good ones.  But there is something we can do.  We can use that wisdom that we have grown in over time to have those conversations with others.  We can come alongside the young women whom God has placed in our lives.  We can mentor those 17, 21 or even 30 year olds the way that we wish we had been mentored.   

Mentorship is invaluable to say the least!  How else can you reap the benefits of someone else’s life experience?  Where else are you going to hear a Godly woman say: “I’ve been there and I would be happy to help you through your process.” When I was a younger woman I would have benefitted so much from a relationship with someone I admired and respected. I could have gleaned so much from her sharing her life experience and allowing me to learn from both her good and bad choices.  Because I can look back and see how a relationship like this could have been such a huge blessing, I have committed myself to being that mentor to others as well as having sought out mentorship for myself.

We know that every stage of life has it’s own distinct challenges, but when we become mentors we can keep someone from the worry of facing (and eventually overcoming) those challenges alone.  If you are a mom and have been for awhile, mentor a new mom.  Her other new mom friends will be able to help as well, but  your vast wealth of experience will help her to become the Unstoppable Mom that she was always meant to be!  Have you celebrated many happy anniversaries?  The amount of knowledge and wisdom you have about married life will make a huge impact on her ability to grow into an Unstoppable Wife.  Are you successful in business, mentor a young woman who wants to change the world in your field of expertise! You know what happens when you do that?  YOU change the world! 

Mentorship doesn’t even have to be that specific.  It can just be mentoring a young woman through life, because let’s be honest, it can be hard at times and knowing that you have someone in your corner can make all the difference! 

You may not have noticed it before, but there are women everywhere who would love for someone to invest in them through mentorship!  Likewise, you are surrounded by women who love God, love you and would love to be given the chance to mentor you!  We’re all meant to be filled up so we can pour out, so the goal is to be mentored, and to be a mentor.  This is how we become the women that we needed when we were younger!

(Quick plug: Capital Christian has a wonderful mentorship program for the women of our church family.  It’s called Give God a Year.  If you aren’t already a part of a Give God a Year group, I would encourage you to get connected through Sheila Simms)