I think we can all agree that we love to serve in the house of God. It is often how we find our passion.  It is where we develop relationships of partnership and purpose.  The house of God is HOME!  And just like at home we have a part to play; something to contribute.  While growing up, we would have chores; wash the dishes, take out the garbage, etc.  Nothing overly lovable about those things, nothing on the “chore chart” to be passionate about, but serving in the house of God is totally different. 

In this ‘home” we get to choose where we serve based on our gifts and calling.  We are able to invest in the areas where we are passionate, knowing that when we put our hand and heart to something in the house of God it will bless someone, encourage someone, it could even change someone’s life!  So if you are gifted to sing, SING!  If you are passionate about teaching, TEACH!  If you love to cook, COOK!  (Church goers are hungry, belieeeve me!) Whatever you love to do, there is a place for you to do it in the house.

“What if I don’t know where I’m gifted?” you ask.  Well that’s a great question and I’m glad you brought it up.  If you are in the middle of discovering your gifting, I recommend serving while you learn, and in so doing you will learn while you serve.  The best tool you have while discovering your purpose is availability. Don’t know if you are called to children’s ministry?  Volunteer to help out for a month or so.  Watch the team and how they function together and pray about whether it is the right fit for you.  Maybe you believe you have the gift of organization.  Awesome!  Join a team that is planning an event and test the waters to see if that’s where you belong.  The first team you try may not be the right fit, but eventually you will have that light bulb moment.  The one that says “This is where I belong.” Once that happens, make a commitment to serve and to support that team & it’s leaders.  It’s important to remember that the hands won’t succeed at what the heart hasn’t committed to. So go ALL IN!  You will see that the house and the family are better because you have become and UNSTOPPABLE Servant.