I am currently parenting a teenager (pray for me). I have 16 years of parenting behind me and can I just tell you that I am FAR from an expert.  However there are a few things that I have learned along the way. To be an UNSTOPPABLE Mom, we must follow the lead and example set by the ultimate parent, Father God.  Who knows us, and our children better than the one who created us?  Umm, no one! That’s who. So to understand how to best parent our children, let’s look at how God, our Father, has always parented us.  He is loving; showing us immense amounts of grace & mercy as He teaches us how to become the women He desires us to be.  But He is also firm; setting boundaries and disciplining us when it is necessary for our safety, and/or development.

Our goals as parents should be the same.  We should love our children with the same patience that God loves us.  We should show them grace and mercy, knowing that sometimes they just mess up.  We know that the same is true of us, we often mess up, but when it’s not out of spite or rebellion God shows us compassion.  He uses those circumstances to show us the error of our ways and lovingly point us in the right direction.  Sometimes the humanity in us wants to ring their little necks, but the God in us says “Wait, take breath.  Yes, he made a mistake, but not on purpose, so forgive him and teach him the right way.”

Then there are other times… the times that maybe she DID know better, but did it anyway.  Think back to how that kind of situation has looked between you and your Father.  I’ve been there.  It’s not fun.  Our Father’s love for us never, ever changes, but there are still consequences to our disobedience.  “Daughter” He says “That is NOT what I told you to do.  You know it and I know it.”  Ouch!  God and I have had that conversation and believe me when I tell you that I try my best to not have it again! My disobedience has in the past led to missed opportunities. It has also pulled me out from under His covering. Some consequences are short lived and others have lasting affects, but in all of it, He forgives.  He wipes our tears of regret and remorse and says “Yes, it’s a setback, but with Me all things can become new. I want you to learn from this experience so next time you will do things differently; obediently.”

In all of it God’s goal is to Father us into maturity.  Likewise it our goal as moms, to parent our children into maturity, knowing they will make mistakes as they grow.  But so will we. We aren’t perfect like God so we will miss the mark in our parenting. When (not if) you make a bad mom decision, whether knowingly or not, know that your Father will parent you perfectly, helping you to grow into the UNSTOPPABLE Mom that He knows you can be!