Stepping out in Courageous Faith Q & A with Sean and Christina Sipe

Pastor Dave: Sometimes people confuse faith with feelings, it doesn’t sound like you were feeling great. You were feeling uncomfortable but you did something in obedience to God’s will.

Christina:  It was hard at first, walking through those steps and continuing. It’s one of those things you have to chose to do every single day. There was the tension of knowing it was the right thing, but we still had to manage the consequences and trust in God.

Pastor Dave: So, you stepped out and you had a non-compete for several years. Get us up to date with where things are at now?

Sean: Through that process we still needed to work, so I commuted out of town for different jobs. It was about a year of working as a practitioner, which was beginning to take its toll. About a year into that process I got a call from a gentleman who had a practice he wanted to sell in Yelm. We prayed about the opportunity and ultimately trusted God with the decision.