Aaron's Faith Story

My name is Aaron Maben, I’ve been coming to Capital Christian for about two and a half years and I wanted to share with you what Courageous Faith has been doing in my life.

About the time Courageous Faith started I was on deployment outside of the US. Luckily, I had a connection to back home where I could watch livestream and still communicate with my family. As Pastor Dave was wrapping up with Courageous Faith we had an opportunity to decide what we were going to commit to sew into Gods kingdom. My wife communicated a figure to me through text message. I thought about it, thinking it was reasonable, but I felt like we could do more. So, I sent her my figure back and she was like “Yes, that’s the figure I was thinking, I just know you tend to be reserved and a little more risk averse.” Together, we thought it was the best thing to do even if it put more strain on our budget.

At that same time, I came into my reenlistment window. I had to decide if I was going to re-obligate myself for another 3 to 6 years or transition out of the military back into civilian life. I was praying about it asking God which one should I do and God asked me a question back, “Which one takes more faith?” As I thought about it, I was thinking, “I have a steady paycheck, I have great benefits, I have healthcare for my family, and I get paid to jump out of planes and shoot guns.” Obviously, getting out of the military, something God called me to, required a lot more faith to do. I committed to God as I started on this faith journey to separate from the military.


As I started the journey my wife and I put our plan to paper. We were planning to return to our hometown while she and the children were going to go back first while I stayed in the area and everything just came together.  It was exciting, but there was also that doubt, that anxiousness, that worry that creeps in. It became a time where you’re not sure if you did the right thing. But when I get those feelings I lookback and see that has God placed me with incredible friends from church to stay with and He provided for my family to buy our first house. Even though I’m still working on what I’m going to do when I separate from the military I know it’s in God’s hands and that I can trust Him.

One of my questions for God on my Courageous Faith journey was, “If you’re calling me out of the military, how am I still going to maintain this three-year Courageous Faith commitment we’ve made?” God is asking me to trust Him. It’s like what Pastor Dave always says, “It’s not my problem that I have to deal with. God, it’s your problem and I’m trusting you to find a way for this to come to fruition.”

So, as we leave our Capital Christian church family, I am excited to find another church family that I can belong to where I am going. I know that you don’t compare churches, but I do know Capital Christian has been a place that is very special. It’s going to be hard to replicate the people I’ve gotten to serve with on the media team, the friends I’m staying with now who have opened their home to me and how Pastor Dave applies God’s Word to everyday living. But, I’m not expecting to find an imitation of my experience at Capital Christian because every church is different. I will find a place that I can get planted, take the things I’ve learned here and help serve God wherever He calls me.