Pastor Dave's Leadership Class Testimonials

training adults and students to become leaders in God's kingdom

“I recall a lot of what I learned in Pastor Dave’s Leadership Class almost daily in various situations. That tells me that I was able to retain a lot of the information! It was explained so clearly and really helped me grow how I was thinking. From the beginning of class I was terrified of doing my speech, but it turned out to be my favorite part about the class! I loved getting to know everyone and allowing others to know who I truly am. As I learned more about my biblical character, I also learned more about myself. God began to tell me who I am, and I finally listened. Overall, I discovered “I am called to lead the ‘whos’ of my life to their ‘whys’ through authentic relationship.” My revelation of God and myself has been drastically changed thanks to Pastor Dave’s Leadership Class!” – Joscelyn Burdick

“Pastor Dave’s Leadership Class helped develop me from a consumer into a contributor. I have learned that God has created me very specifically and through Pastor Dave’s Leadership Class I know how to activate what God has purposed me to do and contribute to something bigger than myself!” – Jessica Andersen

“I enjoyed attending Pastor Dave's Leadership Class with our group from the Kitsap Campus. The challenge of developing a philosophy of leadership that begins with understanding myself rather than simply studying principles of leadership has been both refreshing and personally stretching. I encourage anyone who wants to grow personally and as a leader to consider attending this class. If you do, your understanding of yourself, of others and of God will leap to a new level. You will be better prepared to understand the unique contribution God has for you to serve in His kingdom.” – David Greene

“Pastors Dave's Leadership Class left a large imprint on my life. The biggest question I would ask a potential student is “What are your values?” I would ask you that because at the end of the day if you don't understand or know your values, you will never begin to fully understand how much value you have!” – Kevin Davidson