The Rice Family's Story


Last summer, my two children had the honor of participating in the Capital Arts and Music School Summer Program. My daughter, who was 14 at the time, wanted to focus on singing, worship leading and songwriting. My son, who was 11 at the time, wanted to focus on singing, worship leading and drumming. Both children didn’t have many expectations other than hanging out with their church friends and being able to sing every day. They love the movie “Camp Rock” with the Jonas Brothers. I think, in their minds, CAMS would be a lot like “Camp Rock”. At the end of the first day, CAMS far exceeded their expectations.

I walked in at the end of the first day fully expecting my kids to be exhausted and ready to come home. They have been to other summer programs and, by the end of the first day, are begging me to just stay at home all summer or come to work with me every day. Their experiences had, up until CAMS, been very unfulfilling. Much to my surprise, they didn’t want to leave CAMS at the end of the first day! They talked the entire ride home about their experience, the classes they were taking and the new friends they were making.

The excitement of the first day did not seem to wear off! Every day was a new adventure for my children. My daughter, Bariah, loved all of her classes but really fell in love with public speaking. She really came out of her shell during the summer and left with a new confidence in her anointing and calling. She has always loved to sing and worship lead. However, after CAMS, she now leads with confidence and even throws some of her wisdom and ministry in with her singing. Being part of CAMS allowed her to understand her calling and gifting in a new way and to walk confidently in ministry. She also formed bonds with the other members of her worship team which allows the team to minister in a much more effective and unified way.

My son, Elijah, was really looking forward to his singing and drum classes. He was surprised when he was assigned to a CAMS band! He loved practicing with his band, helping to arrange their sing and learning leadership through the band experience. Elijah’s band “director” really spent time helping Elijah learn how to lead effectively and confidently. The skills he learned have really helped him as he has transitioned into a middle school worship leader. We have really seen the leadership skills he learned in CAMS being used in his everyday communications. Elijah is a strong personality and loves to lead.

Both of my children experienced incredible growth while participating in CAMS. They went into CAMS feeling nervous and timid and left feeling confident and called. Their gifts were nurtured by our church family during their CAMS experience. There is no place I would rather have my children this summer than in the Capital Arts and Music School Summer Program. I know that my children will experience another summer of growth, learning and fun and look forward to seeing their gifts evolve. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about the program to invest into their children’s future! CAMS is an opportunity to sow a seed into your children’s future. Students, sign up! Be bold! You won’t regret your decision.