Ruth's PEACE Center Story

“I have been attending Capital Christian for awhile now. A few months ago, I visited the PEACE Center because I was in the midst of a trauma in my life. My daughter’s father left us and moved out of the country which left me with no way to take care of my child. We had no means of paying our rent or buying groceries. When I came to the PEACE Center, I was nervous and a little embarrassed to have to ask strangers for help. The people at the PEACE Center started by praying for me, asking God for a miracle. They wanted to make sure I knew I was not alone. I owed a lot of rent and was about to be evicted. They started reaching out to other agencies on my behalf. Some generous people in the church heard about my situation and pitched in to help as well. Little by little the money started coming in. The volunteers at the PEACE Center kept encouraging me and believing with me for my miracle. They also helped me with food. In the meantime, I got a full-time job so that I could take care of us in the future. On the day I was to be evicted, the last bit of money came in! I was able to pay my rent and now I have a job that provides enough for us to get by. I am so thankful for the partnership with my friends at the PEACE Center. I know that they genuinely love me and want God’s best for me.”