Arin's PEACE Center Story

"About 4 years ago, I experienced a traumatic event and suddenly found myself homeless. I had developed an addiction and ended up living in a tent for several months. But with everything I was going through, I still knew God loved me and had a greater plan for my life. I lived in a place that transient people referred to as Tent City. While I was living there, some amazing people turned that tent city into a tiny housing development for the homeless, called Quixote Village I lived in Quixote Village for 3 1/2 years, where I received the help and the resources I needed to get clean from my addiction. As part of my recovery, I started attending Celebrate Recovery and then became part of the Capital Christian family. I am involved in a small group and am in relationship people who help me grow in Christ. I have moved out of Quixote Village, have a great job and have moved into my new house that God gave me, where I host my own small group through the “A Place to Belong” series. I continue to grow into the vessel that God created me to be. I soon realized that as I was grow- ing in God, through His word and in fellowship with other believers, I was also learning that He wanted me to serve others. So several months ago, I started volunteering at the PEACE Center. I go in every week to help with stocking and cleaning, as well as managing our inventory in the Food Pantry. It feels amazing to be part of a team and in a position to serve others because of what God has done in my life. Because I have learned to obey God’s word, I can hear him speak to me, and I just want to do what he needs me to do. My life and my transformation are such a testimony to what God can do when you completely surrender your life to Him. I have gone from being a homeless, hopeless addict, to hosting a small group in my own home and serving others at the PEACE Center!"