Stepping out in Faith by Trusting God’s Promises

Nick Hollander has been attending Capital Christian since he was 5 years old, now he is 20 years old and still loves God and actively serves his church. Nick is currently in his second year at Saint Martin’s University studying Religious Studies and Business but at the beginning of the school year, he wasn’t sure he would be able to continue his education. Nick was blessed with several scholarships to Saint Martin’s but in August of this year, he still owed roughly $7,000 to pay for his schooling. To some, it may not seem like a lot but at this point in his life Nick had no steady income and wanted to graduate college with no student debt. As Nick was trying to figure out how to pay for college it seemed like everything was against him when filling out his FASFA; he had submitted and resubmitted numerous times and with one week left until his payment was due Nick chose to continue with church and school knowing God’s hand was in his situation. During all of this we as a church were getting ready to launch our Courageous Faith campaign and Nick signed up to HOST a Courageous Faith small group on his college campus. Pastor Dave had mentioned the campaign is about giving in faith, growing in faith, and going in faith; Nick didn’t think he could give very much in faith, after all, he still owed $7,000 to his school. On Wednesday night, October 5, at youth group the students and high school leaders were setting their Courageous Faith giving goals. That night Nick heard in God ask him to give $1,000 for the Courageous Faith campaign. In that moment Nick hadn’t heard from his FAFSA or Saint Martin’s how school was going to be paid for but he wrote down in his notebook “I feel like God wants me to give $1,000… and I have no clue how…” October 6th Nick gets a call from his dad saying the financial aid came through and that school is completely paid for. The $7,000 balance was completely paid off and Nick will be receiving multiple refund checks this semester and next semester. Nick received a need-based grant from Saint Martin’s to cover the balance which then means the Pell Grant he received will go directly to him for both semesters this year. Through this entire process, Nick was able to look beyond his present circumstances and use his faith to turn his focus to God and His plans knowing God would work everything according to His plan.