This month Kim Phillips has been attending Capital Christian for three years. It wasn’t until last September of 2015 that she really started stepping out in faith. Kim had already been serving at Capital on the missions team and wanted to increase her commitment and leadership. Kim signed up for Pastor Dave’s nine-month leadership class; two days before the class Pastor Dave approached Kim and asked her to be the event coordinator for Trunk or Treat – one of the biggest events of the year and only three weeks to plan it!

Saying yes to coordinating Trunk or Treat was a big deal to Kim. In the past she would often limit herself out of her fear of failure; she had to believe that God was going to provide enough trunks, candy, money and volunteers to make the event a success. Little did Kim know God was testing her faith. He had big things planned for her in the future. He needed her to start growing her faith by learning that she gets her strength and confidence in Him because He will always provide.

This last summer Kim discovered Saddleback’s PEACE Center when she had the opportunity to visit their church. While she was there Kim felt God telling her it was part of His plan for her life to launch a PEACE Center here in Olympia, Washington. The PEACE Center will be a resource center and hub for launching people into local and global missions through the Peace Plan; as well as helping people recognize God’s plan for them to grow spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially and in every other aspect of their lives.

Even though the PEACE Center is new to us Kim and the rest of the PEACE team are believing for a supernatural provision of resources in both finances and qualified volunteers. Because of Kim’s faith when she said yes to Trunk or Treat God was able to stretch her faith to say yes to the PEACE Center. As she and team continue the development of our PEACE Center Kim knows she can expect God to add the miraculous to her steps of faith. Read about the Peace Center and other Courageous Faith updates HERE.

Little did Kim know, God was testing her faith. He had big things planned for her in the future.