Thank you for your interest in helping with Solid Rock Ranch!  This is a great opportunity for you to be used by God and help our ranchers have an amazing week with God. You will be richly rewarded for your service! Assistance at all levels is welcome. Whether you can stay at ranch all week or provide a few hours of time, your assistance will be very much appreciated and is very much needed.

In 2018 Solid Rock Ranch is two weeks long! You read that correctly, two weeks long! Please be sure to look at your calendar and plan appropriately with your team leaders for where and when you are volunteering at Solid Rock Ranch. 

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Below are the various teams where you can get involved:

This team is responsible for helping our ranchers get registered.  It includes processing paperwork, data entry, and calling parents for any information that is needed to ensure their rancher is fully registered.  

This team helps ranchers through the check-in/check-out process.  Assistance is needed with check-in, medication processing, lice checks, and luggage check-in.  Assistance is also needed on Thursday, family day, to help check out ranchers to go home.

This team is responsible for assisting the executive directors in providing physical safety and security on site at church during check-in, out at the ranch, and during all off-site trips for the students and volunteers during Solid Rock Ranch.

Ranch Hand/Facilities:
This team is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and restoring the ranch property and facilitates for use before, during, and after ranch. Assistance includes setting up tents, trimming grass, pressure washing, and cleaning facilities.  Ranch hands help during ranch to ensure various ranch needs are met, such as filling water containers, lighting camp fires, removing trash, etc.

This team is responsible for preparing, serving and clean up of all meals for ranchers and volunteers.

This team is responsible for setting up and assisting with the various recreational activities for the ranchers.  Examples include: horseback riding, paint ball, swimming, competitive sports, water activities, etc.

Medical Skilled Helpers:
This team is responsible for providing on-site preventative and responsive medical treatment and needs. Persons with any medical experience, especially doctors, nurses, medical assistants, medics, etc., are needed.

Mental Health Skilled Helpers:
Volunteers are needed to help with ranchers who may need extra counseling during ranch to work through various emotional needs.

This team works closely with the ranch directors to design, purchase, and construct all décor, creating a themed environment for each age group at ranch.

These volunteers drive school buses and help transport the ranchers to various locations during the week.

Life Guards:
Life guard volunteers watch over the ranchers while they are swimming.  They also administer swim tests.

Overnight Counselor/Assistant
Counselors and assistants, in groups of two, mentor up to 12 ranchers during the week.  They participate in various activities that help the ranchers grow in their relationship with God.  This includes morning devotionals, group teaching times, and supervision during activities.  Staying at ranch overnight during the week is required for these positions.

Day Ranch Counselor/Assistant
Counselors and assistants, in groups of two, mentor a group of day campers from the ages of three years to 3rd grade.  Ranchers and counselors are picked up at daily at the Capital Christian Lacey campus and transported to ranch for activities such as devotionals, group teachings, arts and crafts, and outside events.  Counselors and assistants in this group do not stay the night during ranch week.

Volunteer registration requirements
All volunteers must completed a volunteer registration form, undergo a background check, and have CPR/First Aid Training (CPR/First Aid training is not required for those helping with activities prior to ranch, such as pre-registration and decorations). To sign up as a volunteer, please register below.

To complete your background check, please go to the Welcome Center and request the required paperwork.

Volunteer requirements to complete prior to ranch week

Attend One Ranch Basic TraininG

  • 2018 training dates coming soon. (RSVP)
  • 2018 training manual coming soon. (FILE)


Other Credentials:

  • All Volunteers:
    • Completed Background Check
  • All Team Leaders, Counselors, and Activity Volunteers:
    • CPR Certification
    • First Aid Certification
  • Kitchen Volunteers:
    • Food Workers Card
    • Online Classes:
  • Life Guard Services requires Lifeguard Certification
  • Medic Volunteers:
    • Nursing Credentials such as RN, CNA, LPN or medic experience
  • Skilled Helper Volunteers:
    • Counselor credentials
  • Transportation Services requires Commercial Driver's License (CDL)