SOLID ROCK RANCH Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in helping with Solid Rock Ranch!  This is a great opportunity for you to be used by God and help our ranchers have an amazing week with God.  You will be richly rewarded for your service!  Assistance at all levels is welcome. Whether you can stay at ranch for a full week or provide a few hours of your time, your assistance is very much appreciated and very much needed.  Bring a tent and come stay with us for the week!  It’s a great time to have fellowship and build long-lasting friendships!

Each grade group will attend a week of camp, but there are two different weeks for ranch from which you can choose to volunteer.  You can serve in one or both weeks.  Ranch weeks are at the following times:

Week One:

  • High School and Jr High (7th to 12th)

Week Two:

  • Pre-teen (4th to 6th grade) 

  • Kinder and Day Camp (4 yrs to 3rd grade)

Solid Rock Ranch is two weeks long! Please be sure to look at your calendar and plan appropriately with your team leaders for where and when you are volunteering at Solid Rock Ranch. 

Below are the various teams where you can get involved:

Student Registration - Diana McCullough
This team is comprised of two departments which work in tandem with each other and are responsible for processing all rancher applications prior to ranch starting.  These two teams work throughout the year.  We need team members who can help before, during, and after ranch.  The only formal training requirement for these teams is the Basic Training.

Team 1: This team is responsible for processing all applications to ensure all required information is obtained from the parents.  Duties will include entering data into our registration system and calling parents to obtain missing information from the student registration forms.  Team members can also assist and greet ranchers on the check in and check out days.

Team 2: This team will help run database reports in order to supply daily and weekly information to all ranch leaders as requested.

Student Check-in/Check-out - Melissa Smith
This team helps ranchers through the check-in/check-out process.  Volunteers are needed in the various check in stations which include checking in students, performing lice checks, and checking in medications and luggage.  Volunteers are also needed to help check out students at the end of camp.  The only formal training requirement for these team members is Basic Training.

Security - Steve Nelson
This team is responsible for providing physical safety and security for the ranchers and volunteers during ranch weeks at the ranch, during the Day Camp check-in/Check-out process at CCC, and during all off-site trips.  Training requirements:  CPR/First Aid Certification, Basic Training and SRR Training Camp.

Ranch Hand - Don Painter
Ranch hands help during ranch to ensure various ranch needs are met, such as filling water containers, lighting camp fires, removing trash, cleaning restrooms, etc.  Training requirements:  CPR/First Aid Certification, Basic Training, SRR Training Camp

Facilities - Richard Smith
This team is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and restoring the ranch property and facilities for use before, during, and after ranch.  Assistance includes setting up tents, trimming grass, pressure washing, and cleaning facilities.  This team has no special training requirements. 

Kitchen - Rochelle Painter/Cathryn Kapan
This team is an integral part of the success of Ranch Week. We not only prep, cook, and serve the food, but we do it in a way that engages our ranchers in a positive manner to ensure their time at camp is meaningful.  Volunteers are needed at every level.  You can serve anywhere from a few hours a day, several days or the full week, if desired.  We are responsible for maintaining proper food handling and safety practices while preparing, cooking and serving food and drinks.  For this reason, our volunteers will need to have a Washington State Food Handler’s Permit to be part of this Awesome Team.  Our team will also participate in additional training prior to camp to review proper food cutting methods, food temperature requirements, knife safety, thawing methods, and any other important factors of serving in the kitchen.  Training requirements:  In addition to the above, team members will also need to take Basic Training.

This team is responsible for setting up and assisting with the various recreational activities for the ranchers.  Activities include horseback riding, paint ball, swimming, competitive sports, water activities, crafts, obstacle course and team building.  Requirements:  CPR/First Aid Certification, Basic Training, SRR Training Camp.

Medical Skilled Helpers
This team helps meet the medical needs of our ranchers and volunteers.  Various positions are available. Duties may include providing on-site basic First Aid response, managing medication, providing safety advice and coordinating care between site and emergency services and lice checks during the check-in process.  The team needs volunteers that are currently active in the medical field:  Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Medical Assistants, Medics, and Certified Nursing Assistants.  Requirements:  Basic Training, SRR Training Camp.

Mental Health Skilled Helpers
Volunteers are needed to help ranchers who may need extra counseling during ranch to work through various emotional needs.  Requirements:  CPR/First Aid Certification, Basic Training, SRR Training Camp

Transportation - Rick Kelly
These volunteers drive school buses and help transport the ranchers to various field-trip locations during ranch week.  Requirements:  Must have CDL endorsement.

Life Guards

Life guard volunteers watch over the ranchers while they are swimming. They also administer swim tests. Must be life guard certified and have valid copy of the certification.

Volunteer Registration - Doug Carbaugh
This team works behind the scene during the year processing each volunteer and tracking all requirement. We also are in charge of check in for volunteers, getting t-shirts, printing name badges, having documentation for kitchen staff and the medics for all volunteers that have special requirements. The only requirement for this team is the Basic Training.

Volunteer Check In
This team helps to check-in ranch volunteers during all services the week prior to the first camp. We work several stations getting all volunteers checked in, making sure they have completed all required training, documentation, and lice checks. This team is only needed during this one-week check in process where we process all volunteers for both camps. The only requirement for this team is the Basic Training.

Media/Sound - Drew Minton
This team takes pictures/video, creates sound bites, helps with worship, etc. The only requirement for this team is the Basic Training.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
This team helps prepare and serve an appreciation dinner for the volunteers that have served at Solid Rock Ranch.  This event takes place a few weeks after the last week of camp.

This team helps with the decorating needs of the camp.  It could include decorating the main barn and creating signs near the tents.

Fundraising - Cissi Baker
This team serves all year long. They help with promotion weekends and create ways to raise money for sponsorships and special financial needs. Fundraising activities include an auction, car washes, bake sales, etc. This team has no special requirements.

Overnight Counselor - Keith & Jessica Anderson/Jen Kelly Overnight counselors stay at ranch for one of the two camp weeks, based on the age-group they desire to serve.  (4th grade through 12tth grade) Counselors serve in teams of two and are responsible for the oversight of a group of up to 12 ranchers from check-in to check-out. Counselors model appropriate behavior and mentor students to grow in their relationship with God by helping them establish good habits such as daily devotions.  Counselors also participate with students in all activities (including worship/teaching services, water activities, team building activities and any other ranch activities).

Requirements: CPR/First Aid Certification, Basic Training, SRR Training & Counselor Training Camp, Commitment to stay Sunday night through Saturday Morning

Day Counselor - Brianna Minton In partnership with other counselors and leaders, day counselors provide a safe family group throughout the week of camp.  Day counselors work in teams of two and are responsible for the oversight of a group of not more than 12 students from check-in to check-out. Duties include: Mentoring students to grow in their relationship with God by helping them establish habits to continue through their Christian walk (like daily devotions) and participating with students through all activities (including worship/teaching services, water activities, team building activities, field trips, crafts and any other camp life activities). Day counselors work during the second week of camp, Monday through Friday, but do not stay the night.

Requirements: CPR/First Aid Certification, SRR Training & Counselor Training Camp, Commitment to arrive on sight one hour before check-in begins and stay until all student are picked up each day.

Volunteer requirements

All volunteers must complete a volunteer registration form, undergo a background check, and any other requirements are included in each job descriptions and will be presented to you via email or by your Team Lead. To sign up as a volunteer, please register below. To complete your background check, please go to the Welcome Center and request the required paperwork.

Volunteer requirements to complete prior to ranch week

Attend One Ranch Basic TraininG

  • Training dates coming soon. (RSVP)

  • Training manual coming soon. (FILE)


Other Credentials:

  • All Volunteers:

    • Completed Background Check

  • All Team Leaders, Counselors, and Activity Volunteers:

    • CPR Certification

    • First Aid Certification

  • Kitchen Volunteers:

    • Food Workers Card

    • Online Classes:



  • Life Guard Services requires Lifeguard Certification

  • Medic Volunteers:

    • Nursing Credentials such as RN, CNA, LPN or medic experience

  • Skilled Helper Volunteers:

    • Counselor credentials

  • Transportation Services requires Commercial Driver's License (CDL)