Solid Rock Ranch, a 66 acre property located in Tenino, WA, is a beautiful and peaceful place. Thousands of lives have been impacted and changed through the ministry, and events, which have taken place at the Ranch.

Covered Meeting Area

The barn, which is the Solid Rock Ranch large meeting area, is spacious, with room for indoor games, music, a large commercial kitchen, and meeting areas.

ranch barn.jpg



The galley kitchen includes commercial refrigerators, a commercial rolling stove, and four washing basins. During each day of the Solid Rock Ranch camps, it takes 70 volunteers to accomplish all the needs in the food service area.

During each day of our annual summer camp, the kitchen serves 600 meals. That totals 6,800 meals for the two week span of our annual events.


Due to poor cell service near Solid Rock Ranch, we highly suggest downloading the directions prior to travel.