What's God Asking? Week 5 NOTES

Surrendered Vision in 2016

Week5 1-2-16

Surrender Your Vision


Jer 29:11 CEV


Questions to you:

1. Can you see it?

2.  Can you surrender it?

Job 42:2 CEV

Proverbs 19:21 NIV

3.  Is it For the Sake of the World?

Matt 28:19 CEV


Vision = is what you see, to picture in your mind, a manner in which on e sees or conceives something.


Surrender = To relinquish possession or control of something, to give up or abandon, to give up or resign, to submit to the power of another especially after resisting 


The Surrender Test

Gen 22: 1- 14 CEV


What is God asking us to Surrender?

1.  Your vision that you see and have for your life

James 4:6 CEV

James 4:10 CEV

I Peter 5:6 CEV

Proverbs 3:5-6 CEV


Why should we do this?

2.  For the Sake of the World

Our vision is always about us until we surrender it to Him, then it becomes about the world (others)


3. It’s the last thing Jesus told us to do

Matt 28:19 CEV


How do you know when you’re surrendered?

1.  You have Peace.  Alot of Peace,  that surpasses all understanding.

Gen 22: 5 “We will come back”

Gen 22:8 “God will provide”


2.  There will be confidence and courage to act on what unconventional thing God is asking you to do.  NOT opposite of his word, BUT opposite of your way & what you think should happen?


What are Our next Steps to take?

Do the song we just sang!

1.  Laying down my life, I’m giving up control

Matt 10:39 CEV


2.  Never looking back, I surrender all

Php3:12-14 CEV


3.  I’m living for your glory on the earth

= you get the credit God, NOT me


4.  For the Sake of the World

Burn like a fire in me

Light a flame in my soul, for every eye to see

We’re asking God to let a Wildfire Process begin in us!


A Wildfire Process produces a “Frest Start”

1. It removes dead & decaying roots that will act as future fuel future fires that would be more deadly, intense, and disastrous 


2. It eliminates dense (hard to penetrate) foliage.  It enable a NEW generation of seedlings (vision) to grow.


3.   Intense Fire and Heat strips nutrients & minerals out of the burning plants, which creates MORE fertile ground for NEW species of plants (Vision)