History Makers WEEK 7 NOTES

7 Decisions of a History Maker

History Makers Choose to be Persistent 


1.  A History Maker chooses to take responsibility I Sam 17:26 NIV

2.  A history Maker Seeks Wisdom *Pr 4:5-8 AMP

3.  A history maker chooses to live by faith. Gen 12:13 NIV

4.  A history maker chooses to have a decided heart. Lk2:48,49 NIV

5.  A history maker chooses to forgive *Ge 50:19,20 NIV

6.  A history maker chooses to count it all joy. *Ja 1:2,4 MSG

7.  A history maker chooses to be persistent. *Ro 2:7 NIV


You have to be persistent in

Taking responsibility

Seeking wisdom

Living by faith

Having a decided heart

Choosing to forgive

Counting it all joy


What is persistence or persistent?

= Holding to, clinging to, tenacity , refusing to let go or give up


Why do we need to be strong in our journey of History Making?

-To save many lives!  

-Matt 28:19 where our vision statement of CCC comes from

-To gather in the unchurched and disciple them into devoted followers of Christ 


An example of persistence in the negative

-Jacob Ge 32:26

-Jacob lives to get his blessing his way through trickery and manipulation

-blessing = promotion, prosperity, approval, well being, contributes to happiness.  In Hebrew it means Barak, praise or Esher means happiness

-Jacob in the womb jostled (push&shove)

-during birth Jacob grabbed his brothers heel on his way out of the womb

-Ge 25:29-34,Jacob manipulated his brother for his birthright (inheritance) by using FOOD

-Ge 27:1-30, Jacob tricked his dad when he was old and was ready to bless his oldest son, by wearing a hairy costume

-Jacob runs

-Ge 29 & 30, Jacob goes to live with his uncle

-Ge 32:24, Now God and Jacob Wrestle


Ge 32:26 Jacob FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGES that his blessing comes from God and God alone!


Once you ACKNOWLEDGE your blessing ultimately comes God and God alone, then there are 5 things you must PERSIST IN to stay strong in your journey of History Making


Slide- The 5 S's you must PERSIST IN 

1.  Stay.    In an environment (surrounding) of growth and accountability

2.  Stand.  When you want to shrink back *Heb 10:38 NIV, * Eph 6:10 NIV

3.  Sit.       In His Presence daily *Ps 37:7 NIV, *Ps 27:14 NIV

4.  Set.      Yourself in relationships. *Heb 10:24,25 NIV

5.  Share your life story unedited. *Rev 12:11 NIV


Share your story on how

 You choose to take responsibility for your life

You choose to seek wisdom

You Choose to live by faith

You choose to have a decided heart

You choose to forgive

You choose to count it all joy


How you choose to stay PERSISTENT in 

Taking responsibility

Seeking wisdom

Living by faith

Decided heart


Counting it all joy


And how they became your TOOLS that you RECEIVED by

Staying in an environment of growth and accountability

Standing when you want to shrink back

Sitting in His Presence Daily

Setting yourself in relationships

Sharing your life story