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Every month we host a gathering called Meet the Pastors. It is an informal luncheon where you can meet and learn more about the pastors and leadership team here at Capital Christian. You will hear Pastor Dave’s heart, learn about the vision and values and your next steps to get connected. While you learn more about Capital Christian, your kiddos will too! Lunch and child care is provided at no cost. We can't wait to meet you! 

Next Meet the Pastors:
Sunday, September 15th at 1:30 p.m in Family Venue

The Discipleship Track

"To gather in the unchurched and disciple them into devoted followers of Christ."

Whether you are new in the Christian faith or a seasoned veteran, discipleship is a lifelong journey of maturity and health for the purpose of being all that God has called us to be individually and as a church. Discipleship is Biblical, timeless, and Jesus' method for equipping people to become devoted followers of Him.

At Capital, we are implementing a powerful, in depth, practical method for growing and maturing into all that God has called us to be. This method is called the Discipleship Track and it's broken down into four classes.

Class 101 - MEMBERSHIP

This class is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is. You’ll learn about our beliefs on salvation, our statements of purpose, and our church’s strategy and structure. You’ll also hear about the history of our church, how the five biblical purposes are necessary to fulfilling God’s calling for your life, and the plans for the future of Capital Christian Center. At the end of class, you’ll be given the opportunity to decide whether to complete the class by filling out and signing the Class 101 covenant.

Next Class: First Sunday each month at 10:15am, Upstairs Classroom, Lacey Campus

Class 201 - Maturity

Do you want to become more like Jesus? Class 201 will help you develop the habits you need to jump-start and greatly enhance your spiritual growth. It will give you an in depth guide to the spiritual habits every Christian needs in order to grow.

Next Class: Second Sunday each month at 10:15am, Upstairs Classroom, Lacey Campus

Class 301 - Ministry

Did you know that God created you with special gifts intended for his purposes? God didn’t design ministry for just a few – he made each one of us a minister. In Class 301, you’ll learn how God can use your Spiritual Gifts, your Heart, your Abilities, your Personality, and your Experiences (S.H.A.P.E.) to minister to the needs of others.

Next Class: Third Sunday each month at 10:15am, Upstairs Classroom, Lacey Campus

CLASS 401 - MIssions

God created you with a purpose. That personal, yet church-wide purpose, means connecting flawed human beings with our perfect and eternal God. Your own story of how God has worked in your life is one of the most effective tools you have for connecting people to God. In CLASS 401, you’ll learn to communicate that story to your neighborhood, workplace and around the world. By using your own gifts, personality and story, you’ll touch people only you can touch. Your life experiences can be a bridge to a friend or family member who is seeking Christ. God’s global plan includes reaching people from every nation with the good news of Jesus. In CLASS 401, you’ll get a picture of what God is doing throughout the world to bring His people to Himself. You’ll also find out how you can be part of His global plan. Finally, we’ll share with you 15 opportunities for you to get started in sharing your faith immediately. At the end of CLASS 401, you can pray about joining Capital Christian on the greatest adventure of your life.

Next Class: Fourth Sunday each month at 10:15am, Upstairs Classroom, Lacey Campus




At Capital we believe that being a "bigger" church isn't better, being a "smaller" church isn't better, BUT being a healthy church is better!

Together, let's grow into all that God has called us to be!