PEACE Center April Update


On March 4, 2017, we opened our PEACE Community Resource Center in the building once known as Fusion Coffee House. 

"We are so excited about the renovation of Fusion into the new PEACE Center. We have strategically repurposed the entire building to better serve and help our community. We now have space for resource meetings to connect with the families coming in for the food pantry, extra storage and a great classroom space for all of the skill development classes we have to offer our community including our Discipleship Track class." 

The PEACE Center is our launching hub for the local PEACE Plan. The PEACE Plan's specific purpose is for normal people empowered by God to make a difference together wherever they go. PEACE is all about addressing the five global giants - spiritual emptiness, self-serving leadership, poverty, disease and illiteracy - through the power of ordinary people in our church! 

The PEACE Center is a place where we serve those in need by equipping, assisting, educating and caring for them. Within the last month alone our church family's generosity has made it possible for us to serve families in our community through the PEACE Center and our local PEACE Initiatives. Read more about the PEACE Center Resources HERE  and our PEACE Initiatives HERE.