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2019 is a monumental year for us as a church.  30 years ago Capital Christian Center was launched from a small group Bible study. From those days of humble beginnings, we gradually grew to where we are today.  We have come so far and yet we are filled with faith for what lies ahead for the next 30 years.  We want to invite you to be part of the next chapter of what God has for the story of Capital Christian by inviting you to go on this spiritual journey with us.  This devotional was put together with you in mind.  We have invited some very special guests to join us in February, with you in mind. Together as we read it and meditate on God’s Word, we will be filled with the promises and assurances that will feed our faith for the days ahead.  And as we endeavor to grow together, we will see God move in the miraculous.  Let’s give God our best year yet filled with radical love, audacious faith, crazy generosity, fervent prayer and a servant heart.  Just imagine as we internalize each one of these statements, and allow them to become the character traits we possess, what miracles could we see in our families, our workplace, our community, our city, and our nation? It is our prayer that you and your family will see and know the goodness of our God and His faithfulness at work in your lives.

Dave & Kelly
Psalm 20:4

Week 7 of 52 | Promise Memory Verse

Week 7 of 52 | Promise Memory Verse

2019 Daily Devotional

As we continue into the New Year and a New Era, we want to encourage you to be part of our family as we keep walking our faith journey. Thirty years ago, Capital Christian Center launched from a small group bible study. As the church continued to grow, we developed a set of five key values, the first being, Love God Through Worship. Worship is one of the most powerful ways to connect directly to the love, compassion, power, and grace of God. Throughout the month of February our daily devotional and corresponding weekly memory verse is all about worship!



Pastor of Christian Faith in Federal Way, Washington
Special Guest with us on February 16-17, 2019

In January 1980, with a group of 30 people, Pastors Casey and Wendy Treat started Christian Faith in Seattle, Washington. Today, Christian Faith is the largest church in the Pacific Northwest, with three locations (FederalWay, MillCreek, and Seattle) and more than 8,000 people attending weekly services. In addition, PastorTreat’s media ministry, Christian Faith YouTube Channel and Christian Faith International, has a world wide outreach.

As a teenager, Casey Treat was involved with drugs and the world. In 1974, at the age of 19, he entered a rehabilitation center. During his years there, he was born again and learned how to renew his mind through the Word of God. After receiving his Bachelor of Theology and marrying Wendy, he birthed Christian Faith.

Since then, Casey Treat has shared the straight forward message that God’s Word works. Through the renewing of the mind to the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can all live a victorious and prosperous Christian life here on this earth.

In 2009, Pastor Treat received an honorary doctorate degree from Hansel University in Seoul, S. Korea (Dr. David Yonggi Cho and Dr. Kim Sunghae Cho), recognizing his accomplishments in the ministry for almost 30 years.

Casey Treat is a pastor, author and motivational speaker. He also hosts his own television program called Successful Living with Casey Treat. Traveling extensively each year, Pastor Treat speaks at conventions and churches. His books and resources are distributed worldwide.

Pastor Treat resides in the Seattle area with Wendy and his three adult children.

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Pastor of Champion Church in Palm Desert, California
Special Guest with us on February 23-24, 2019